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Mat GM Rachel Rappaport
Mat GF

Jacob Rappaport

Pat GM Gitel Abelsky
Pat GF David Abelsky GG Parents: / Unknown Abelsky

David Abels
Hebrew name: David ben Herschel
David was born in Robinson, Illinois on May 22, 1909 and died in Robinson, Illinois on Jul 28, 1983. Yahrtzeit date is 18 Av, which corresponds to Jul 30, 2018. (What is Yahrzeit?)

David's father:
Harry Abels
(Oct 15, 1882 - Jan 07, 1950)

David's mother:
Anna Rappaport
(Oct 05, 1884 - Dec 30, 1926)

David married
Ruby Hurd
(Sep 23, 1910 - Sep 26, 1996) on December 28, 1936 in Chicago, IL.

With Ruby,
David had these children

Additional Info:

Dave is buried in Terre Haute, Indiana at the Highland Lawn Cemetery with his mother and father.

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