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Pat GF Unknown Abelsky

Harry Abels
Hebrew name: Tsvi ben David
Harry was born in Lozdzei, Russia on Oct 15, 1882 and died in Chicago, IL on Jan 07, 1950. Yahrtzeit date is 18 Tevet, which corresponds to Jan 05, 2018. (What is Yahrzeit?)

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Harry's father:
David Abelsky
([hidden] -  )

Harry's mother:
([hidden] - )

Harry married
Anna Rappaport
(Oct 05, 1884 - Dec 30, 1926) Nov, 29 1904 in Philadelphia, PA.

With Anna,
Harry had these children

David Abels
(May 22, 1909 - Jul 28, 1983)

Harry married
Ida Zucker
(Feb 10, 1886 - Mar 19, 1977) on October 27, 1927 in Chicago, IL.

With Ida,
Harry had these children

Geraldine Lois Abels
(Jun 12, 1929 - Jun 14, 1993)

Additional Info:
Interesting note about Harry's hebrew name, because my Mom and everyone always thought his Hebrew name was Herschel, but on his grave, it says Tsvi. Well -- Tsvi (or Tzvi or Zvi) is hebrew for a gazelle. While (according to wikipedia) deer and gazelles may appear similiar superficially, they are in different taxonomic families. But since gazelles are unknown in Europe, the name Tzvi was transposed onto deer, the most similar animal. The name Hirsch was the yiddish name for deer. The relatively common practice of naming children "Tzvi Hirsch" originated with this error, and has continued in the tradition of naming offspring. So he simply used his Yiddish name.

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